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Judith H

Too bad they didn't lay the last two colored red and blue.


Guess you know by now, Mr. John, that we are not fondly known for our patience!! Sure doesn't look like we have much choice unless you decide to climb a nearby tree that is higher than the nest.. with some super binoculars, of course! Didn't think so.....

Judith H

Quite sure I spotted 3 on that roll...one is rolled back, you can see clearly, and 2 are still at top part of the nest.

Bea Griffore

Good morning! Well my goodness.....3 eggs maybe? What a year this is going to be! Just think, a brand new nest and possibly 3 eggs. What an ambitious pair L & J are! Can't wait to see how this unfolds. I think we need a periscope to look into that nest.

Judith H

Bea, No maybe...no possibly...there are 3 eggs. I can't get a screen shot, too blurry, I've tried on the TTV. Have to wait to get one on NV, whenever that might be.

John Riches

Judith, I appreciate your enthusiasm and certainty. However, until I see three eggs or a photo that clearly shows them it is not confirmed.

Bea Griffore

Judith, ok taking your word for it! I am sort of a doubting Thomas though until I see for myself.

Bea Griffore

Mr. John, you think like I do! lol

Judith H

That's okay, let someone else get eye strain, I've spent enough time trying to get the picture. I think I'll get some work done around here.


Quick nest check this morning. L or J looking great and hope there are 3 eggs. Somebody home everywhere except MN Bound. Eggs or youngsters in all the nests. Even saw Pittsburgh Hays one building on their new nest.


Oh my Goodness, how much fun is it going to be when we finally see a couple (or three) heads pop up out of that nest?! What fun!


Hey everyone. My first time back since the 3 babies in 2012 and I have a question. I don't ever recall seeing L or J do this in the past, but maybe its because the camera wasn't as close up then. I notice the drooling. Is that normal? I guess I could go research it but why do that when all the Eagle experts are right here!!


Hi Mindy! And Good morning to all my Eagle-Lover Friends :) There is no doubt in my mind that there are three eggs in that nest. It sounds like she was showing all of the normal signs as she has in the past. I was really sorry to have missed it. I was just wondering if there was a way to view video of that? Also...the sound thing..... how is it I can hear the far off train..but not sounds close to the nest? And...which camera is the current feed, and which one is delayed. I know you all have probably explained this all before, but could you repeat it for those of us who have been away, or for the viewers who are new here?
Looking forward to catching a glimpse of those eggs today. Judith...come back!!


so happy for them, they can handle 3~ we in Pittsburgh Pa lost an egg due to a wind storm that took out their tree, its been over a week and a new nest was built in the same vicinity of old tree and we have a new egg!!


Donna that is great news! Keep us informed on the new egg and nest. Boy they sure built that nest fast.


Ahhh, Just watching the cameras right now, I see they are almost in sync. The NV was just a "titch" behind is all.

Account Deleted

Good morning...tuned in earlier as exchange took place..more grasses brought in. Grabbed a scap of Liberty (I think) shown drooling as Mindy mentioned. I attributed as part of cooling off process when beak open and tongue extended. I didn't know til this season that parents pass saliva along with food to their young...has protective properties...kind of like mother's milk.


Judith, share your frustration. Have been trying to catch shot of 3...shot is there...just can't get it. Elusive to the max..


On TTV go to 3:13:15 in HD 720p clarity. She is rolling the center egg and you can see the two eggs on each end. Three eggs in the nest.


MINDY!!!! I honest to God was thinking about you and the wooden nickle the other day!! OMG! So good to see a post from you!

Cristine..probably won't explain this right but TTV is live streaming. NV is live streaming but for some reason, (and Mr. John explained it has something to do with upstream to Livestream)...but NV will sometimes when the transmission is poor, loop back to a point where the transmission point was good. I didn't say that too good. They are trying to fix it..

If on computer..you have a rewind bar at the bottom. Slide the bar back to watch the DVR of the feed. I think Judy said 34 min pt was start of the egg laying. The DVR resets to 0 if the live stream is interrupted (cam goes down).

Sound has been Mr. John's headach. He put in new system..sound went out..ordered the new parts..problem uploading the sound with the video feed. I probably got all these explainations screwed up..bottom line..he's aware and working on it.

Mindy, I have never noticed Lib drooling before. I'm going to start looking closer. Thanks for the heads up.


Tried to post but don't see it. Briefly, I thought that the drooling is just panting because of the unusually warm February weather. That should change later in the week with snow predicted.

John Riches

Couple of things. the sound is there but we are getting intermittent "pops" like there might be a connection issue. Not sure if we can do anything to improve it or not at this point. I have talked before about the feeds and that they are not always in-sync. This is mostly an issue with the speed and quality of the uplaod connection we have with Mediacom. I continue to call them to see if they can improve the speed/quality...but I do not really have much of any other solution. It is also a mediacom issue with the frame drops that sometime creates the poof and reappearance of the feed especially on the Nest View when you go to the 720 resolution.


thank you Mr. John for the updates

Ellen Lowe

I would like to send out a big "THANK YOU" to all who post links to your wonderful pictures. I watch when I can, but would miss so much without your posts.


Ellen can you open up your Face Book videos of Liberty and Justice so we can see them. Most here don't have an account and can't see them.

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