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Thanks for the warning, Mr. John.


Love the new nest coverage. Hope it is an exciting year!!


Hey, Gabby! Wanted to say 'hello' in case you are on the comments page and not watching! Hi, to you, too, Diann!


When she repositioned a few minutes ago, I could clearly see her feet in the bottom of the bole..just not the egg. Like Judy says..must be hidden in the far right of the bole

I hope she lays egg number 2 tonight or tomorrow. Hope we will know if she does. I just heard the train!!!


No, Chris, it is 2 hours ahead of nest time, which would put them out in the Atlantic! That's what is puzzling me!


This sounds positive... Expert who is going to fix the sound and figure out how to stop all the looping of footage! Might be a great day tomorrow.

John Riches

Chris, The sound is working. Still a bit of a pop and crackle...but working. As for the looping...I spoke with the folks from Livestream today. There best guess is the continuing service problem with Mediacom at my end. When the signal drops (especially on the higher resolution feed) the system loops back to the last good spot. This may continue to haunt us part of the time on the higher resolution feed.


Kit, Think about what you just posted...

Account Deleted

Thanks for heads up, John. Just checked in...caught corn on cob being moved about....that's it.



Skedaddle..I'm in Wisconsin same time as Iowa Central time..the time on the post is Pacific Time ..so 4pm here or at nest will show on the post as 2pm..so post is two hours later like Chris said...hope that helps...

Carol C

I can't believe she is panting. Only 50 but kind of humid. Yea! I hear birds singing.!! I hope we get to see her lay the second egg!!

Judith H

I don't get it...when she turns, it looks like her talons are curled and the egg is between her legs. I don't see it there, where is it?

Judith H

Could the egg be under the nesting materials...this is strange...has anyone seen the egg rolled lately?


I see her feet balled up like you see but nothing between them. I wonder if the egg broke when that dead animal was dropped on top of the egg.

Judith H

She got up moved around the nest, digging but no rolling. Is she ready to lay another one?


I think they are mating.

Carol C

Or chasing something. There are a few eagles still here. Now we need a third camera so we can see whats going on.

Judith H

follow up between the A & R do you see something white behind the branches?

Carol C

Come Back!!


Hello everyone! So exciting! I heard the wonderful news about the first egg.... and I just had to drop in to say hello to all my old Eagle-watching friends. Good to see all of you still on here :) I am looking forward to watching Liberty lay that second egg soon!

Carol C

Nice to see you Cristine. Glad she's back!

Judith H

Hi Cristine
Hi Bea
Maybe you both can find the egg.


Has anyone seen the egg roll lately?? Judy..so far, I think only you, Chris, and Roma has seen the egg period! I think that is all that mentioned seeing it. I took pictures and blew it up while she was gone..any stretch of the imagination is just that..a stretch! I feel sure the egg is there..but the way she settles down, I was hoping to see just a little of it.

Mr. John..thanks for the info..I was looking back to see if I missed a post. I enjoy hearing bird sounds again.

Maybe Justice will grab that bale of straw and bring it up. Truthfully..there is not that much padding between the egg and the nest bottom. They brought plenty in to give the egg the padding it needs...but this being the first year in the new nest..it lacks the years of bole build up.

Welcome back Cristine!!!!!! Guess what?? I stewed some fresh apples with sugar/cinnamon...made some light pancakes just slightly thicker than crepes..piled the apples on top..drizzled a little maple syrup on them...topped with whipped cream and had a blast!! Thought of you the whole time!!

You too, Bea. I sure hope you and Cristine will post more now. I missed you guys!

Judith H

I haven't seen any egg rolls since the first day. I think the egg is under the straw somewhere.

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