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Mr. John...not sure who is where or the one showing them both...just thankful they are checking in.

Praying Mediacom can fix the problem. I know it is out of your hands and you feel the frustration, too. Thanks for everyting!!


DUH!!! I FOUND IT!! I really didn't post that stupid comment above!! Musta been Judy using my name!


Wow! Wish they would ping each other and meet up! They don't look that far apart..or that far from the nest!

I finally put my hummingbird feeders out today. It's been so warm that I am hoping to see some early arrivials. Will let you know if I see one!


*arrivals! I'm talking to myself. That's ok..at least I don't argue with myself. I can even make stupid comments and get by with it. Like the movie "Passengers" with Chris Pratt. That was a pretty good movie. Ok..I'm done.

Judith H

Sounds like you've been out in the sun too long.

Katy J

Mavis, you make me smile!
Thanks Mr. John, knowing they are working on it, still, helps to renew my patience. So Star has realized the grass is the same color everywhere and is closer to home now. Like me, had to go see it for herself. Thrilled they are doing well.

Carol C

Wow! They are so close. It would be nice if they would meet up. Do u think they would know each other?
Thanks Me John I hope lovely Mediacom gets it fixed. I have them too & they can be a pain.
It's warm or hot there Mavis? Ft. Myers was only in the 70's today & weather says 77 is the normal high for Daytona. But I know that changes. I'd like 80's better.


Carol, we hit almost 90 a couple of times a week ago. Stayed pretty warm until the cold front came through a couple of nights ago. We should stay in the mid to upper 70s next week and reach 80 a couple of times. It should be nice and warm when you get here. The water temp will still be cold..but the beach and sun will be nice.

I'm off to bed....does the time change next week? It won't be long. My body just doesn't adjust as easy as it used to. Goodnight everyone...


The local news tonight was about the Decorah Eagles. They say they are about to get more famous. Iowa Public Television will be airing the nest and history for the next week.


Good morning 🌅. Sounds good Mavis. March 8 at 6:30 on pbs channel.I hope it's a new one I've seen the old one a lot of times. Yes we spring 🌱 ahead next week. My computer is a a ting up agai .


morning, TTV could see half an egg

Judith H

QUICK...Before it resets...TTV 2:34...three eggs.

Judith H

Eye test...can U C 3
Video of 3 eggs


These are 4 stills from Judy's video...several points you can clearly see 3 eggs. You have to click on each picture to get a good look:



I am glad all three were spotted again! Can't wait till they hatch.


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