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Mr. John..you can erase my link...sorry Chris..I didn't see yours until I refreshed.


Congratulations Carol


YES!! Glad to see all the names but got excited when I saw Carol's! Love that white chocolate. AND..I love the metal artwork Kara is standing in front of. Would love to know more about it. Was that taken at Arconic? It is awesome!!


Carol, I'm happy you won. Congratulations!

Judith H

Liberty just brought in more straw, 2 eggs showing.
Does anyone know if all Bald Eagle eggs in one clutch are the same size?
Enjoy your egg Carol.


Nice picture of you Carol...enjoy that egg!


Judy, I never read anything to the contrary, that all eggs are approximately the same size...and same for hatchlings.

I gotta go to the FB page to find out what the guessing contest was. I knew about the eye black contest. We want a picture of your egg on your icon when you get it Carol! You deserved it, girl!

Gotta run...see y'all later this evening. Judy..you keep looking for that 4th egg..gotta keep Mr. John on his toes! Lol!

Carol C

WOW! Can't believe I won an egg!! They have got a hold of me yet. I know it will be great! Thank you!!


Congrats, Carol! You have to have a bite in honor of each of us ... maybe nibbles so it will last long enough!
Drat! Here come the leaves on the TTV. I was really hoping that was a dead branch! I can't get anything but a black screen on NV. Anyone else?

Judith H

Ever since Mavis said she had to run, I've had a black screen...several hours now.

Carol, Would you like any of us to pick your egg up for you?


Looks like the system needs to be rebooted.

Judith H

Cams back up.

Carol C

I wish I could share guys. BUTTT! I will post a pic of it when I get it. Haven't Heard yet
I was wondering about the black screen. Good I can see again.

Katy J

CONGRATS, On winning an egg Carole! Weird but I've never had a taste for white chocolate. Guess I'm not your average bear.


Katy, I have never tasted white chocolate but I love dark chocolate!🍱


I wonder if eagles ever lay brown eggs?


Congrats Carol on winning the egg! pretty cool. Was looking back on replay and got excited seeing an egg on NV and the nest really looks soft and comfy. Happy birthday JC hope your special day was a blessed one.


Thank you Rhonda.the day was filled with many blessings...more than I deserve...

Katy J

Yes Chris, Dark Chocolate is the BOMB! Dove bars are my Fave!
Good question, perhaps different kinds of Eagles lay brown eggs but not American Bald Eagles. Then again the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs. So, one never knows...

Katy J

Is it just me? I can't get cams to come up at all. Already rebooted and refreshed.

Katy J

Eh, No Matter. Eagles tucked in for the night anyway. Try again in the AM. SED


Must just be you Katy I have views of both nests.


Checked in on Liberty who is sound asleep.


Visited SWFL and E9 is back in nest head tucked on back...after overnight away and a busy two days exploring the Pritchett grounds, he looks comfy and deep in sleep.

Channel Islands eggs #7 and #8 have both failed. Female was seen removing shells from bole. The couple worked so hard...such a shame.

GN all.

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