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Sweet pictures! This one surprised me.

Uhhh...are you allowed to edit your posts? #1 was 24 hours old yesterday afternoon..hatched on Thurs. You must have lost the same day I did!!

Katy J

Excellent Pictures, will be watching for third hatch. Thank You Mr. John.

Judith H

I think the kids look just like little ET's...Extra Terrestrials, with those round heads and long necks.


It's amazing the difference in size with so little difference in age! That 3rd picture is adorable.

John Riches

You are correct, Mavis. Should be 36 hours


What is that 'thing' J is standing on...TTV?


WahWho! Just tuned in to see the pics. So great.

Mavis, We did not go to Mexico this month. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, hubby got a diagnosis of the nature that has kept us from traveling for awhile. We hope to go to Puerto Vallarta in July for our grandsons wedding. He will be wed on our 61st anniversary, the 22nd. We hope we can travel by then.

Watching the babies keeps my mind on beautiful things.

Love to all of my eagle buddies.

Miss Gregory.

Katy J

To me it looks like a fresh fish on top of whatever red meat was fed earlier. That Justice is standing on.


Judy, I read your question on the last thread. It is scary how close the nests are and very possible the intruder could be Thunder. Check out this map showing where both nests are.

Judith H

I see the new baby still has the egg tooth hanging on. That rain came out of nowhere.

Judith H

Thanks Chris, that is close.
Is today day 33 for egg#3? Sure looks like something is going on with that egg...tap tap tap.


Video of the last feeding. By the way..video is BY Judy...NOT 'my' Judy. Can't believe autocorrect does this sort of thing...



Great shots Mr. John.too cute 😻


I hope that bully eagle from Lock and Dam 13 that hit the Stewards Nest is not bothering our Liberty and Justice. Something has them upset from time to time and Justice does have a mark on his head. I sure wish we had sound to know more about what is in the area.


Ok...hoping the is down time is momentary. Must be Mediacom..both cams out.

Joyce, I must have missed your post about your husband's troubles. Sorry to hear that and hope everything is getting better now. I thought about you in the heat of Mexico..didn't realize you were home. Hope you get to go to the wedding..what a nice way to celebrate your own anniversary!

Cams still down..wanted to get another look at the egg before it turns to B&W. Maybe it'll come up soon.


Cams are still down. Wonder what's up. Are y'all having bad weather up there? Rat..you are the closest to the nest...what's it like for you?

Katy J

Good to know it's not just me this time. Thanks Mavis.


No bad weather at my place. Not even raining yet


NV up and running.

Thank you to whoever. Thought Lori, with all the coffee she drank today, would be up all night with nothing to watch.


Hey...PAYDAY!! TTV is up and running, too!! YAAY!


Liberty just changed position a little..checked the kids and settled back down..raining now..sleep well all


I can't get over how clear the TTV is at night. I've been watching about an hour and the stream is good..no stop and goes.

Lib just got up and repostitioned. I saw two bobbleheads under her..their heads swinging back and forth. No sight of the egg. She has settled back down now. There are small water drops on her feathers. It's hard to tell but I suspect light rain.

Coffee is good this morning..dogs want to play...looks to be.an active day for all of us.

Good morning everyone!


It's foggy here this morning. Mavis I was not on the computer when you asked how the weather here was last night. I was out with the dogs around 8:30 & it was fine. 48 out right now & possible showers this afternoon.


Good morning, Rat. I was watching the nest. Lib rests better than I do.

Thanks for the weather report. I knew you would have answered if you had seen my post. I see small beads of water on Libs feathers...figure it might be dew or light sprinkles.

Hope you are enjoying the peace of the morning. Am ready to get another peek at the little fellas.

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