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Great Picture Mr. John. Good to see nice clear pictures this morning. It wasn't so good earlier when I looked in. Thanks for all you do for us. We do appreciate it.



Rachel G

How precious this little eaglet is! Welcome to you, little one.
Welcome to the next ones to hatch; and congratulations to Liberty and Justice.
How wonderful to have three this year!
SED everyone

Katy J

Love that picture. Thanks Mr. John. Suitable for framing. HAGD


Good morning all! What a great picture of the "wee one" Mr. John.
Hi Bea!!


Have I missed the first feeding? I am surprised a fresh fish hasn't been brought in yet :)

Rachel G

Isn't Liberty giving the eaglet her own saliva right now before feeding it to give it protection?
It's sweet to see her doing that.

Thanks, Mr. John and Arconic for all that you do for us to experience this beautiful time in the eagles' lives.


Yeah! Baby Bobblehead #1. It's snowing here in the Sierras. Hope it's a nice day in the Quad.


Nancy, I don't know if you were watching when Mr. John made this announcement. Thought of you so I went back to look it up.

Let Us Know You're Watching

"...If you are a teacher watching with your class, let us know. We have extra coloring/activity books from our booth at Quad City Bald Eagle Days last month and we would be happy to send a few to your classrooms. Just send us an e-mail at: john.riches@arconic.com and we will put them in the mail. "


Cristine, I love the logo you are using. What a beautiful picture!


Awwww, thank you Mavis. That is a picture of our barn and our cherry tree after the fist big snow we had in December :)

Bea Griffore

What an awesome picture! Thanks Mr. John.
Hi Cristine!


My Mom is interested in knowing.... "how much does a newly hatched eaglet weigh?" Does anyone know offhand?


From Bob Armstrong and Marge Hermans 'Raising and Eaglet':

The newly hatched eaglet is totally helpless. Her eyes are not open. She can barely move around, and she cannot feed herself. She will not be able to maintain her body temperature for several weeks. Right now she weighs about three ounces, but in three months she could well weigh 40 or 50 times that much. According to Mark V. Stalmaster, author of the fascinating book The Bald Eagle, she may eventually gain up to 6.3 ounces a day. That is the fastest growth rate of any North American bird.


*an Eaglet, not and Eaglet.

patrick corrigan

congrats liberty and justice. time to light up my first birth cigar,hopefully two more to go. thanks again to john at arconic for all his hard work


CHRISTINE- TELL YOUR MOM. -- about 80 grams- or maybe 3 ounces. they grow fast though

Sandy (Hudsonville, MI )

AWESOME photo Mr. John. Thank-you.


Thank you for answering, Nan and Max...great info!

Rachel G

Is anyone else seeing the second egg hatching? Seems like a beak is poking through the shell.

Rachel G

Could be wrong, could be the wind. Too much anticipation, perhaps

V Burns

In the past there has always been sound. This year I am unable to hear any sound. What's that about. It was a wonderful teaching tool. Any suggestions?


V. Burns...the sound has been a challlenge. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Both parents on nest. Looks like Justice brought some small, black food source to entice Lib to get up and give him a turn with his wee one. Not sure it will work.

Wendy, you watching? You are so good commenting about these domestic events!

Rachel, I was looking for another pip...not really expecting one before tomorrow evening or Friday..but any day is possible. It's just a guess on my part.

Cristine..you commented with your snow covered logo and Bea commented right behind you with her palm trees!


Rachel...I had a hard day, yesterday...I lost a day or two in there somewhere. COMPLETELY erase my comment about pip date.

I look for a pip tomorrow with a hatch Sunday...but a pip definitely could happen today. I've been looking for one. Sorry about my confusion on days.

V Burns

Thank you for your reply. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to try then.
My students were thrilled to hear the eagles, the train, wind and other birds. I teach Kindergarten.
I miss the sound. However the view is lovely. They are amazing.

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