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I saw this today on the news... the birth of Arconic...


Congratulations on successful installation of stretcher. $40M under budget is impressive, no Herculean project management. Well done.


Eagle names:

Katy J

Thanks Mr. John, I wondered what that equipment was for when it came in on the barge. BEST in the World! #1 Congratulations!
Onward and foreword. Great Team at Arconic!


11 (the 11th living eaglet to be born by L&J)


Eagle names




always improvement is a good thing for everyone involved. especially the environment. we damage that we damage our childrens childrens futures!!

Judith H

Chris, When these 3 kids fledge, won't the number be 14?

Judith H

Eaglet names


Good morning everyone...internet up and car went down...it was time for service and the battery died. So spent the day at the dealership. Free battery...free car detail...free oil change and service...good day but missed y'all.

My amazement is renewed each year as to how fast they grow. Every stage of their growth is remarkable. Remember when we had our growing spurts? People would say to Mom ad Dad.."I can't get over how fast your kids have grown"! I wonder if the kids feel the aches of growing their wings and everything else. Guess we will never know. They sure never act like they are hurting!

Judy...15 eggs actually hatched..but Freedom lost her sibling before fledging. 11 have already fledged..so you are correct. Freedom was the first year of the cam...and Mr. John reports that 2 fledged before Freedom.

Beautiful morning but I'm praying for a tropical storm!! I'll even take the fearful winds and lightning. The fires that are raging in my state scare me more than a hurricane!

Good morning everyone! Oh..R L, I like Valor. Venture is unique. Good choices!

Carol C

Great video Mr. John. I too saw this on the news. But much more to learn here. Awesome!!
Mavis glad your back & have internet & your car should be in good shape for awhile.
When I was there they were always talking about the fires & they are getting worse.

I like Valor. Hard to pick since we have used so many already.
Going to be a nice day. up to 70 but might be to hot for our eagle family.
I have to go give a perm to a lady that can't get out today. Clean up my deck.
Good morning everyone! Happy eagle watching!


Impressive video, Mr. John. Looks like Arconic is set for quality production of products which should improve the bottom line for supplier and buyer. I am hoping this will be the beginning of a new leaf on jobs and economy for everyone. Arconic appears set and ready for a great future.

Carol...I'm like you, names are not grabbing me this year. I can't help but feel POTUS is just right for the wee one and Val is right for Valentine or Valor. I'm just going to stick with the original picks...I know they were fun nicknames..but they work for me: Val (for Valentine)...Krabby...POTUS

Those are my suggestions, Mr. John...Val...Krabby...POTUS


Good morning, all. I just replayed the last feeding by Justice...like yesterday he was offering unidentified meat jerky to Crabbie and Potus. Val must be on to J and never even bothered to turn around and sit up. I wonder if he tells the kids how lucky they are and that when he was an eaglet all they had to eat was week-old squirrel. After the feeding he placed a stick on Crabbie, which I figure was some kind of punishment for not eating.

Mavis... I'm glad they fixed your cable problem. Do you think they drained your car's battery in the process?

Do you have name suggestions for the kids?

I hadn't heard about the fires in Florida. They haven't been on the news here. I hope it rains soon and that they can get a handle on them. Seems they're becoming so common nowadays.

Judy, I see your suggestion of golf terms for the kids. Did you watch the Masters on Sunday? On almost every tee off throughout the day you could hear a cardinal calling out. Either that cardinal was a golf fanatic or CBS was adding canned audio. I'm wondering if I was the only one that noticed that.

Liberty back with a fresh fish.

Katy J

G'Mornin, a bright, calm morning at the nest. Peaceful.
Another thought for names;
Uno , Dobie , Tracy.


Wendy, I watched that feeding. Did you see that Yuge boney thing Justice tried to feed them and neither one would open their beaks? That was buggery looking...finally Justice ate it. Even he had a bit of a problem swallowing it! Haven't seen a turtle on the nest yet. I wonder if one will show up. As for the names...I thought of Coa for the end of AlCOA and Nic for the start up of ArcoNIC...and POTUS because it just fits! But I'm sticking with Val/Krabby/POTUS.

Katy, Dobie is an unusual name. I had a distant cousin named Dobie. She knew how to make homemade chicken and dumplins. Her dumplins were so light and thin, almost like noodles! D E L I C I O U S !!!

Katy J

I remember Dobie Gillis, but not what I had for lunch yesterday.
Welcome back Mavis.


Liberty lifted up that awful looking piece of food once and later flew off to get that nice fish. She didn't like the other piece either.


I think that thing in NV lower left side is what is left over of an old turtle. When they turn it over you can see the top shell. There is a lot of debris stuck in with it.


I wish they would get rid of that mess and the bird thingy. It looks like Lib ate most or all of the fish she brought in earlier.

Judith H

Looks like another squirrel front NV, to the right TTV. POTUS has his head right next to it.

Judith H

Looks like they're eating it now, same as yesterday...lots of pulling.

Judith H

misidentification...the squirrel is a bird...I just spotted the legs.

Margo Bush

Good Morning!
The sun is shinning, and it would appear everything is well in the nest. It is hard to believe that sometime in the near future the new born eaglets will be flying. I would like to submit names for our young eagles: They are Red, White, and Blue. Or Brave, Glory, and Stripes.Or Free, Pledge, and Flag.

Judith H

Geez, that Potus is a wild one, he bit his sister Val right in the crop...she decked him.

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