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Thank you Mr John ...this will be fun...And a Happy Easter to you and Arconic...

Judith H

Am I the first to pick the names?
VAL for Valentines Day
CRABBIE for National Crab Race Day
TRUMPET for Presidents Day POTUS


1. Savage
2. Hunter
3. Chief

Carol C

Val or Valentine Valor
Have to think about 3. What is that stringy stuff Justice was trying to feed the kids?


1. Red
2. White
3. Blue

Judith H

The little pip squeak was looking for trouble, he grabbed Val on the wing, she looked shocked, bonked him and fell over...he went down in a ball.

Carol C

I saw that Judy. Couldn't believe it. Nice to see all 3 laying side by side.
Another name ARC short for Arconic.


Rocky, Molly and Dave

In honor of the original Tri-Cities of Rock Island, Moline and Davenport.

Jo Ann

Poor Pip Squeak. Annette and I came up with 3 names. We looked at the words Arconic Davenport Works, changed the letters around and came up with these three. 1. Nicky
2. Daisy
3. Sadie

We thought it was kind of a creative way to pick the names this year.

Judith H

When they swallow those sharp fish bones, why don't they puncture the crop?


Is this a pop quiz Judy?

Judith H

Do you know the answer? I don't...I know those fins and bones can go right through your finger.


I think it has something to do with the hook in their tongue.

Katy J

Val, Cupid and Arrow. Can we submit more than once?


Pike, Perch, Minnow

Talon, Hunter, Scout

Ivy, Aero, Kip

Katy J

Arc, Con, and Nick.



Judith H

Justice is building up the rails.

Judith H

It was Liberty, thought they were both in the nest.


It was a hot day for the eagles today. We were at 72 degrees at the nest. Tomorrow will be cooler so they might need Mom and Dad to provide some warmth for them.


I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I got in on the very tail end of the channel 6 news. It was about an eagle found with a broken wing. That is all I know. I wonder if it is Hope from Lock and Dam 13 at Stewards Nest. If anyone knows the rest of the story please post.




There was a 34year old eagle found with an injured wing in Maine. Perhaps that's what you heard, Chris..





(She was an American marine biologist, author and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.

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