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Witchy never showed up at Easter. Makes it obvious who Witchy was.


Thanks for the update on Star and Sky and the info for voting next week. Sounds like weather will be nice over the weekend so we can look them over well. Very good pictures of the three.


Just checked around and read that the one rescued from the Washington DC nest is to be returned to the nest before dark tonight. They said plans now are to keep the cam on so the return can be watched.

Katy J

Hoping to see DC eaglet returned to nest, I went to the page. Cams are down.


Went to the DC nest after I posted and saw something white moving just behind the nest. Got to see the rescuer get up into the nest and release it. While the rescuer was still in sight the little one got up and walked around a bit and sent a PS right in the area where he was. I guess that was its way of saying Thanks. Now it is just in the nest panting. Quite a day for it. One in the nest was calm as the rescuer looked in but called out to it a couple of times when he got in the nest, but remained right where it was the whole time.

Katy J

Did you see it on AEF page? Mine said Event ended. Missed it :(
Thanks for the description on the return. Good to know there was no injury.


I saw it on whatever page the eagle cam list by eagleholic takes me to. There probably will be videos of it available soon. Rescued one moving around a bit, but other one still in the same spot.

Carol C

Can't wait to see the names.
Nice to see Sky & Star are still close.
Happy the DC baby is home.


Following the escapes of Star and Sky since they dispersed has been an adventure. Thank you, John, for sharing their travels with us. Their first year is the most difficult to survive, and they indeed have done that. When Patricia suggested Huck for one of this year's names, I immediately thought of Sky as the real Huckleberry Finn of the Mississippi.

The Arconic triplets this year are amazing. It is truly a joy watching them interact without the bonking. These three are getting along and even playing together. This nes is always a joy to watch and learn.

I enjoy all the updates from the other nests that you and others provide, RL ML. I miss Sheila and hated to see her leave the way she did.

Chris, I was here Easter. I am here every day. I enjoy most comments and once in a while, I will post. It is not always obvious to me who I am, but since you have all the answers, please tell me.

I wonder what names made the cut. Guess we will find out Monday. Judith, you put a lot of thought in the names you chose as each one hatched. They grew into those names, and I feel sure you will always think of them as Val, Crabbie, and POTUS.


I was hoping my post would draw you out to speak to us and it worked! :)

I think it is wonderful they are help these little eaglets in distress.

Nancy Grider

I am beyond astonished at how much they have grown. We had Spring Break recently and after 10 days when I showed my students they were shocked! So happy to see all 3 thriving. A few days ago I was shocked at the size of the "piece" of dinner one of them took….was afraid it might choke. You could see it go down the throat. Almost looked like a small organ out of the bird that was brought in for dinner.


Katy...this is the DC video of the eaglet being returned to nest


Katy J

Wow! Thanks Mavis! You're a Lovely girl.


That video was from a different angle than what I saw on the cam site. It ended just as the little one was getting ready for the PS


That was a good video he even kissed the little eaglet as he left.


Good thing I wasn't up in that nest ...I would have rearranged some of those sticks to keep the little one safer..

Judith H

Nancy Grider, One of your students paid us a visit yesterday, his name is Shelby.

Judith H

Thanks for the rescue video Mavis. If I were the other little eaglet, I would have grabbed the rope and bailed out. Turtle shell in that nest.

Katy J

Stay away from the edge, don't make me come back here.
Like a protective father.
The kiss on the head was too sweet.


This is the other video, R L....I saw the PS!!



Thank you for the videos, Mavis. I think RL ML got it right. The poor baby wanted to let the rescuer know what she or he thought of his kiss. I think the PS might have hit the man on the head. I was afraid the man might take part of the nest wall with him when he climbed out. It is remarkable how sturdy and well built the eagle nests are.

I was aware when I posted, Chris, that you were only interested to see if my profile picture would show up as someone else. It will only show with me. I once said I am who I am.

I am embarrassed I posted escapes instead of escapades in my previous comment.

Judith, I will have to rewatch the videos as I missed the turtle shell. You are so observant. We all had a blast with the turtle shells in years past. I have been waiting for one to show up for the triplets to play with.

A short while ago, Nancy, Liberty was feeding POTUS and offered him the whole end of a small fish tail. POTUS would not take it, but one of the other two took the big bite without a problem. I had to laugh.

Liberty and Justice look like they have been rolling in the smut! 😂

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Good evening.


YooWhoo, Witchy!! You drop in...fly in..or however you want come, anytime you want, you hear?? I enjoyed your comments! We did have fun with the turtle shells. Someone, I think Rodj, was going to climb up and get the shells to auction off. I think Judy offered a bid on one! We always had a lot of fun on chat! I miss Libby and her stories.

Lib is sleeping on the nest. I see POTUS poking his head out from under Mom's wing. The other two are sleeping in the open. I bet the are enjoying the cool air.

I can't get over how many leaves that little nuisance of a twig has. The view is beautiful on TTV..just can't see much of the nest anymore.

Goodnight everyone...


Thanks for both videos Mavis. It was good to see what I saw live again. After seeing the shorter one I could tell more of what was going on since that one showed the little one actually getting out of the bag. I wasn't sure of that kiss from the live cam so hadn't mentioned that. It was also good to hear what was being said as I was watching it on the home computer that has the headset missing.


Just looked at the DC nest and see a parent standing looking down at the 2 little ones. No parent there when I checked in earlier and I hadn't heard if one had come back after the return of the eaglet. Good to see as I won't need to worry about that tonight.

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