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Thanks for the update on Star and the great pictures of Liberty and Justice. Looks like the trio are starting to look down more and stand on the edge of the nest often.





I am glad to know these eaglets will be part of the study. I really like knowing their whereabouts. I especially like knowing they manage to get through the 1st year which is the hardest for an eagle.


I always enjoy your pictures...especially of them flying. I sure hope Sky checks in soon. For some reason, I always worry about him. He seems so comfortable in his setting as he never travels too far. Thanks for the update, Mr. John.

When the team works with our kids...if you can't stream it...can or will you video it? You can video with your iPad and upload to YouTube or something. I know it's asking a lot...but they are 'our' kids. ONE MORE THING: will you please buy some red/blue/white paint and put a colored stripe on their bands? Don't laugh...it would be an awesome thing to do!! Don't they have paint pens? Would only take a dab to color code the bands...just a stripe. Ok..I'm done.

Oh..will you ask them how many eagles are still in the program that started with Sky and Star...and do any of them travel in the same circles? Ok.now I'm done.! That was a lot, wasn't it? Sorry..

Judith H

The pictures Mr. John posted with Liberty and Justice in the treetops, you can really see how much larger Liberty is next to Justice.


Today was a beautiful day and the weekend is gonna be nice too. I've been busy all day. Its nice to know that the 3 babies will be banded. Get to see if any of them will stay together or all go separate ways.

Beth in AZ

Beautiful photos, Mr John, we hope to see Sky soon. Happy Mothers Day to all of our Moms.


Thanks, Beth...and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Carol C

Love all the pictures. Mr. John. Nice to see where L & J are sitting keeping an eye on the kids.
She sure like it up by the Dells. It is pretty up there.

Katy J

Been long day.

Thanks Mr. John, here's a thought. Perhaps when the Eaglets are getting banded, the sound could get fixed. May not be possible, just a thought.


Parent just landed with a big fish...FRESH fish!


One of the kids...I think Gemini, was just squeeing...then she tried to drag the fish but couldn't. I love to see this reaction from the kids...they are learning fast.


Of all the hours I have spent watching this cam...I have NEVER seen a kid go after a parent like this. We saw Rudy get aggressive, but not at this age..and not like this!!


I was so surprised

Katy J

I was set back in my chair too, when Apollo pecked at Justice. As if to say, If your not gonna feed me then this nest is full.
Now all 3 lined up and being fed.


This is the video that led up to the video above. Look what happened when parent had had enough! (I think parent was Justice). Video by Judy


These are still shots I got in real time on iPad. I have never seen this before. Apollo should make it just fine when he disperses...if he survives long enough to fledge! I thought J was going to read him the riot act for sure!



I forgot to say that the first video was by Judy, too.

Katy, did you see when Justice shot back? I thought Apollo went a tad too far! That kid came out of the egg swinging...he is a real scrapper. I bet when he chooses a mate...he won't be hen-pecked!

Katy J

Yes, I saw when Apollo and Justice were beaking, I think Justice was surprised too.


You need to consider the bugs are awful, the temps are high, he can self feed and Justice was just standing on the food not giving it to them. I saw it play out live.

Katy J

My energy reserves are depleted. Busiest day of The Year tomorrow.
So glad I got to see Apollo acting like a rebellious teen.
Must prep for morning and go G'Night. SED


Good night, Katy. Hope your day passes fast and you are back home before you know it with your feet up!

It has been dark a while so I'm going to sign out as well..goodnight everyone.


The girls are preening while laying down. POTUS is up and hobbled backwards to the wall for his morning usual. Apollo is a loner..the girls are best friends and give way to Apollo when he wants something.

Beautiful morning at the nest. NOAA reports it is 49º right now at the nest. Suppose to be cloudy but no rain today with highs about 79º. Wind is only 3 mph right now. So, it will be another hot day for them with the bugs flying in mass. It's this way every year...but this year, spring has seemed a little more comfortable at the nest than usual...AND,,,they do enjoy a bit more shade than the old nest had.

Rat, I've missed you the past few days..hope you have a Happy Mother's Day weekend. Hope your day passes fast, Katy. I bet Carol is working today too.

Good morning everyone...grab your coffee Lori, and everyone, and lets enjoy the morning together!


Good morning Mavis...I see the same as you at the nest this morning...I've been out of town, but caught up on the post this morning, the videos of Apollo were something I've never seen before too...we are always seeing new things...
Happy to see Star came back up to Wisconsin, now I'll have to watch the skies more...
It looks like the bugs are up at the nest this morning too..


Good morning, JC. Hope your trip was a good one...and glad you are back. Nothing as good as your own bed...but fun to get away once in a while.

I was watching when Apollo got angry last night. I could tell by his demeanor that he wasn't happy and watched it escalate. I was surprised when he first lashed out...I thought, that didn't just happen...then a few seconds later, it happened again and I thought..oh WOW! The still shot I got was when Justice put Apollo in his place..but not good enough because Apollo attacked his head one more time. I have never seen that before. If Apollo challenges an adult after he disperses...well...the adult won't have the 'love connection' with Apollo that Justice has. I like that Apollo stands up for himself and not afraid...but sometimes we NEED to know when to stand down. Apollo is a survivor.. I'm sure.he'll learn the art of both traits before Justice is through with him. I know one thing...Apollo will steal your heart in a heartbeat! I'm glad Judy was able to send me the videos to post.


Hey, JC...what's your weather like up there? Star does seem to feel at home around the Dells and nearby places. I wonder if she is traveling with 'friends'. You don't live too far from where she is, do you? I hope Sky checks in soon. He enjoys staying close to the Mississippi. I'm disappointed that both were near the nest and never checked in. I'd like to see them again. Maybe next year.


The weather is quite nice here...56 now and up into the high 70's through the weekend...rain and thunderstorms coming mid-week next week...glad its cool this morning the roofers are here redoing the shingles's on my building...I wouldn't want to be working up on a hot roof...the pounding should be starting soon but they plan to be done this morning
Wisconsin Dells is north of me but in the past Star has been very close buy...she may come back this way so she will be near the Mississippi...but their are plenty of lakes and forest where she is now...

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