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Ok now who is who?


Good question Carol.


DAVE...tell Chuck he did real good!! The names are good ones and will do our young eagles proud!


Mr. John, I hope you name the kids in the order of the missions... Mercury...Gemini...Apollo.

Katy J

Well, the best set won, in numbers. so is Valentine now Apollo?


66 years ago was the first Mercury mission...and Davenport made aluminum for it. That fact makes for good bragging rights!! Way to go, Davenport!

"In October 1958, just six days after NASA formally organized, America's first human spaceflight program was born. Project Mercury's manned flights spanned just two years - from May 1961 to May 1963 - making history with its six missions launched from Cape Canaveral." (From NASA)

The first mission for a new space program....I hope Mercury will be assigned to the first hatch of a new nest of the new Arconic, Davenport Works..

John Riches


I am fine considering first hatch Mercury, second hatch Gemini and third hatch Apollo. As you all know there will be a point where it will be impossible to know for certain which eaglet is which. At that time everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we do not need people arguing about who is who :)



I'm a Gemini.

Katy J

Very cool, So we can call the little rascal Apollo. I like that and Gemini for #2 ,with Val is now Mercury.
Is that correct?

Katy J

Good point Mr. John, when they all get all black feathers, ID will be a bear. Thanks!

Rachel G

Congratulations to Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, our fine young eaglets!
Someday they will be soaring within the beautiful skies of Iowa.
SED, all


Thank you, Mr. John. Will they be fitted with transmitters and numbered bands? Apollo is 5 weeks old today. The kids were fitted last year at 7 and 1/2 weeks.

John Riches

Mavis, The folks who did the transmitters last year have not made a decision yet about this year.


Thank you, Mr. John. I'll leave you alone now,


Excellent names in any order! But as one who has vivid space race memories from childhood, the chronological order of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo just seems right to me for oldest to youngest.


While we have been chatting..it is raining at the nest. It's not bad, though, and the wind isn't bad, yet. Everything looks good and the kids could care less about their new names...they are more interested in staying dry!


I think Apollo fits the small male perfectly.


I agree, Chris. If he can't be Braveheart.....then Apollo will be perfect. LOL It's great that the names can be either male or female too!


Mavis, the rain is off & on. I let the dogs out because the rain had let up at 12:15 & they were out about 5 minutes & here came another downpour. Right now the sun is out & it's raining lighter. It has done that all morning out here. Just a little wind. I am so happy with the names. Goes well with Alcoa/Arconic & is basically non gender specific. They also named April's baby Tajiri which means both Hope & Confidence in Swahili.


Yes Cristine I like names that can be for either sex. Orville, Wilbur, Amelia would have been a problem. However the little guy would make a good Wilbur.


Channel six just had the nest on TV noon news. They announced the new names and even mentioned the second place names.

Chuck Moore

Hi. I submitted the willing names very early in the nominating process (Day 1 think). Who got credit for the winning submission?


Chuck Moore

Sorry for my typos, I meant "winning" names.


I was kind of partial to the little guy being Braveheart, but like Mercury, Gemini and Apollo are great names for them. Thank you for all the work you did on this Mr. John. I haven't been online for a couple of days and I can't believe how feathered Mercury has gotten.

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