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Thanks Mr John glad they both checked in...


Whoopee!! THANK YOU!! I was hoping to hear the good news! Good for you, Sky and Star!!

I posted this below JC's new thread notice...didn't see it until I refreshed. Thanks, JC!

"Thanks, Katy. That had to be a shock for the parents.

I took these still shots just for you, Katy. See if they work:


Posted by: Mavis | 05/02/2017 at 02:20 PM "

Katy J

Hooray, They both checked in! Thanks Mr. John.

Mavis, Yes still shots worked. Thank You
Judy, Northern Pintail is my pick now that I've seen it.


You are sharp, Katy! I almost guessed Pintail. I really don't know the ducks. I'm sticking with you.


Been gone all day, just happened to see new thread, then went back to catch up on post...So sorry about MN Bound nest I liked that nest too, but they do have a solar powered cam so it goes off when it's cloudy..
Glad you guys figured out the duck they are eating good today!!


Katie,I didn't see the new thread but as I posted before, the MN eaglet's bodies were mutilated. Hypothermia does not cause that. If you go to Facebook & look up Larry's Loon Lovers site she has the picture on there if people want to look or not. She didn't just post the picture. She gave notice there is a graphic picture there.

Katy J

Rat, I saw the picture. I didn't want to repeat it here but it is thought the Parent caused the wounds after they passed away. Like what happened at Dale Hollow nest.
With all due respect I'd really rather not think about it. I never posted there but I followed this seasons eaglets and some of last season.
It was also speculated that an intruder got to the eaglets after they succumbed to the harsh conditions. My information was gathered from the chat roll at that site.

Katy J

BTW, not on FB. The picture was shown at MNB camera page.

Going now to watch Eagles.


The kids must be full as ticks tonight. They are laying down now...all took turns at backing up for a PS...except maybe Mercury. Not sure about her. I thought I saw a parent on the overlook...but my eyes are not that good so I'm guessing.

I enjoy the river view again.


Just looked in at the loon cam..no loons but a little sandpiper is there, made me think of our Ben...a little renter!

Katy J

On the UP side three new eggs at Hog Island Osprey nest.
New beginnings and growing Eaglets, Good Stuff!


Right now the sun is shinning and that is good. Liberty is getting a well deserved meal and I am soaking my Morel Mushrooms from today's big hunt.



I guess Arconic or Alcoa still has an osprey cam in NC too. I wonder if they are nesting. You might want to check that out, too, Katy. I haven't been there in a long time but they had good cam coverage.

There is a parent on the nest eating...don't think the resting kids care about food right now.


Katy I have never seen the nest at Hog Island. Did something bad happen there in the past that was bad too?

Katy J

Justice brought fur or feather, kids want some! Weren't interested in Lib's old sturgeon, they want what J brought.


Was some new food brought to the nest? I see both parents on nest. One is working earnestly on plucky/defurring sumptin...can't see for the kids. The other parent is eathing something on the left of the nest.


Good to see both L and J on the nest at the same time again. One feeding the youngsters and the other feeding itself.


Dang...plucking ...not *plucky. AND..eating...not *eathing!

Didn't see your post, Katy. I should have refreshed before I posted. I can't see what he is working on.


It upsets me to hear about the MNB nest even though I never followed it. When I watched Liberty and the kids in the rain 2 nights ago I worried that the kids would get ill after being soaked and enduring the colder temps. I'll be interested to hear if they'll be able to tell whether it was a predator or weather related illness. Very sad.


I just had a hummingbird at the feeder. First one that I have seen this year.

Katy J

Mavis, my guess is featherd, no clue beyond that.


Lori! That's wonderful! I think Carol (or maybe it was Rat) who said she saw one too. A good sign better weather for you. Watch carefully, I bet you will see 2 tomorrow. Let me know if you do.

Katy, I finally got a glimpse of it and it looked to be the same color as the rabbit. Other than that...I have no clue either.


The rabbit this morning looked like a domestic rabbit. The ones I see in my yard are grey.


The duck (?) video on my Twitter feed was seen by others. I have one friend ask me what kind of duck it is. I'm going to tell her one person thinks it is a Northen Pintail. You win the prize, Katy.

One parent on nest still working on the sturgeon. The kids are fed and in bed. It's getting dark out so time for me to say goodnight, too, and settle back for a while.

Good evening y'all.

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