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Sure glad to have that update on Sky and Star. Our little guys are real travelers!

Wonder if any of our first trio, Faith/Hope/Spirit started their first family this year. Wish I knew where they were and how they are doing. Those three just took a piece of my heart with them when they flew away. Hopefully, Freedom has settled down with her second season this year.

Judith H

Mercury's band ends in 307.


About 37:35 NV, Fresh fish landed in the nest. No frenzied attempt to get it by the kids. Patent began eating a nestover.
Thought there would be more mantling and competition by now.


Right, Judy. Mercury's band begins with 070 and ends with 307. Did you get pictures of Mercury's wing to match the band?


Katy, the way the last kid took the scrap and mantled...I would have thought more action would be seen, too.

Funny how Star and Sky headed in same direction. They are less than 300 miles apart and in same direction. Hope they know they don't have passports...no need to go looking for trouble in another country!! Sky is actually further north than Star (Pensaukee is in Green Bay area)...that is a surprise!


Mavis, your post about the first trio brought tears to my eyes. Like you, I gave away a little piece of my heart to Faith, Hope, and Spirit. I really enjoy the posts from you and all of the group who provide information and updates. I have learned so much from all of you.


Off to Las Vegas to celebrate my 80th B.D. Going with my daughters and their daughters-in-law. I hope to rent a scooter to keep up with the girls.I'm not disabled, they walk too fast for me! Taking a little "change", not to gamble, but to SHOP! Enjoy your weekend, I know I will!
Oh, took a look at the Totem and that would be a good tee shirt! Mr. John,. how about it.


Three generations going to Vegas to party, and the boss will be on a scooter...the place will never be the same again. 😂
Your birthday is tomorrow...but I'm yelling at ya early...HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOYCE!! 🎰🎂🎰

Ellen, your comment was so sweet. Every year and every eaglet Liberty and Justice raised were precious and special...but none grabbed my heart like those three did!! I'm glad you posted your thoughts. I wish you would join in more often.

The last few times I checked the nest, the kids reminded me of wilted flowers! I bet they would love some cold water thrown on them to wake them up and cool them down. They are bored now...but this phase will pass too fast. The day will come that they will wish to be bored again...with nothing to do. I remember how I used to fight and fuss when Momma made us take naps. I thought she was punishing us or wanting to watch her soap opera in peace. Was horrible, those naps were. Now..wouldn't you know it...I find my naps to be pure treasures. I hope the kids will live long enough to know the treasure of being bored again.


ALERT: News are reporting at a resort hotel in Manila (Philippines), a terrorist attack (according to eye witness on phone). I think this may be a casino/hotel. I don't know any more...Resort World Manila.


The temperature at the nest is 81....wish they had more shade in the afternoon...they just look hot and uninterested in even moving...they need a nice cold fish to chew on...


One of them has moved into the shade by the donut limb...so two in the shade of the leaves and one eating a newly delivered fish...


I almost feel sorry for the one on top of the attic limb. I don't have a clue but think it is Mercury. Anyway..he wanted down earlier but couldn't get past the one lower on the nest. I thought one time, he was going to just try to fly over the other one's head! I see they are still up there. He may end up fledging in order to get down! I'm joking...let's hope he practices patience.


I have no idea what happened but the resolution on NV is crystal clear and there is no grey-out! Hope it stays that way...such a pleasure when things work right. Maybe Mr. John talked to their service provider again...whatever...thanks to whoever!!


Both screens were down for a few minutes...I was hoping they were getting a fix...so much better..I can watch on my computer...but it is a desk top...so I have to sit at my desk...much nicer to have iPad with my legs up in the recliner..even the kids look better now...

Carol C

Sky & Star are rally exploring. I know a lot do go to Canada. Some of the Decorah eagles did. Be interesting to find out.
It is weird how they don't mantle or act interested in food. Cooling off now. Down in the 50's. It will be a nice night for them.

Ellen Lowe

Mavis, you are so kind and thoughtful. I read these comments faithfully, but don't really feel part of the commradare that most of you have. You al seem to know each other so well. I definitely share the love of Liberty and Justice and their extended family. As you said, there is something special about Faith, Hope and Spirit (especially Spirit aka Peewee).


I'm glad it will cool down tonight, Carol. I'm pretty sure it is Mercury and Gemini on the attic limb and they have been there all afternoon. Apollo found shade under the leaves to the right of the donut. I noticed the bugs weren't as bad as I feared they would be...so that is good.

I see one parent on the rooftop...maybe the other parent is bringing in supper.


Ellen, we were all strangers at one time. Arconic provides this page for everyone...and we learn from each other. I would love to share a cup of coffee with you in the mornings as we talk about the nest. You have been here since 2012.. you pretty much know us. Don't ever hesitate to jump in if you feel like it...this page belongs to YOU, too.

Judith H

The one in the middle doing all the flapping is getting antsy...I think he/she is thinking about flying.


Ellen, Though I had following Liberty & Justice since 2012, I only recently joined typepad. The welcome was warm and the commradare is there. Join us regularly, you are already a welcome member.

Haven't seen much since home from work. However, here and watching.

Mavis, I start coffee 3 hours after you but seems like the same time. Eagles, coffee, dogs, chores or work (kayaking too). Priorities.


I just about panicked when I could find only two on the attic limb, but then someone in the nest - probably Apollo since he always liked to lay down - stretched a wing and I could breathe again!


Oops! Mea culpa! SHE always likes to lay down!😩


Kit..I panicked a couple of times today...only saw one in the nest and one on attic limb...could not find the third...then bottom one on the limb would move and I'd see the top one! It's been, otherwise, a boring day!! Yep...pretty much have the one in the nest as Apollo.


Just did my last nest check. Our two attic dwellers are now in a heap in the middle of the nest....all worn out. Apollo is standing by the donut limb..sleeping. It's been a good day.

Katy...I'll have coffee ready when you get up. Nite everyone.

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