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Oops sorry Mavis thought you were still having storms...


WOW! They are close! Thanks, Mr. John.

The nest collapsed and they both landed on the ground 6/14. I think they were tagged around May 30th.

Star hatched 4/8
Sky hatched 4/11...

They were about 9 1/2 to 10 weeks..we would have to figure that


Star and Sky are close..they make me want to head up to the north woods..they are both in beautiful country...


Star was 9 weeks 4 days when thrown from the nest

Sky was 9 weeks 1 day when thrown...

The trio is already older than this. Seems like it was a couple of weeks before they could really fly. They made some ground flights not high off the ground and worked hard to get really airborne.


Hey JC...we post at same time...never hurts for good posts to be double posts!!

So Star and Sky are close to you? The map itself looks beautiful...lots of water and woods.


Wasn't Sky near the Madeline Island last time he was charted? I think so...but almost on the water...further west for sure. Sky likes rivers...maybe he has found one. Would love to see him and Star meet up.


Mavis they are in the upper part of the state..probably 250 miles from me...that area is full of lakes..rivers..and woods...which in turn has many vacation spots...privately owned cabins and resort areas...


Oooh, JC...our kids have rich taste!! Hope they behave and stay out of trouble. I'm so proud Mr. John had a report on both of them.

Star and Sky left town last Aug 21st.


Mavis, I thought that Star and Sky both were out of the nest the same night.

Came on just now to 4 on branches. One parent on TTV and 2 to right of nest and one on whatever you call the branch going up on the right side of the nest.

First time I checked in today. My computer time was taken up this morning checking out the hawk being raised with 3 eaglet siblings. As parent was feeding it I thought how unusual for a young hawk being fed by an eagle rather than being eagle feed. Thanks for the link Carol. Thanks Mr. John for the reports on Star and Sky.


Sorry Mavis, I read back on the comments and see that you did have them both being thrown our of the nest the same night.


R L...the branch on the left is what many of us call the Totem pole..Katy, or Wendy started calling it that and it just stuck because it does look like a total pole when they are all on it. Branch on the left works, too.

The branch to the right with two limbs we've been calling the overlook...but the branch to the right with two limbs works good.

The branch out front that sways in the winds...is the branch that sways...or the swing.

I just don't know what branch that goes up on right side of nest unless you are talking about the branch that is part of the donut and I've heard you use "donut" before so I figure it is not that. I'm not sure which one you were talking about. When I just looked...2 were on the overlook (branch on the right with 2 limbs), and one on the total pole (branch on the left)


Don't let autocorrect fool you, R L. Totem Pole...not total pole.


Mr. John, thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us. You have no idea how happy these updates make me. I wonder what Sky and Star would do if they ran into each other. Would they remember each other? Would they be friends or rivals?


Man...you have to be fast to get the grub! A parent just flew in with what looked like a fish and all 3 were on it! The one between the TP and donut won the prize. It looked like Justice but I never got a front look at him. Anyway...parent took off. Maybe more is coming.


Correction, the one in the middle of the nest has it. Don't know what the one between the TP and donut is working on unless 2 fish were brought in. There were just too many eaglets all over the food to see much.

Carol C

Ellen I wonder the same thing. Been a beautiful day for our family. :)


Does anyone know what food that is that Mercury is working on...or the one in the nest. They are getting hard to tell apart!


Howdy everyone, got a wild hair this morning and took off on the Kayak. A five star fantabulous day. Paddled so long , got a blister. Haven't completely caught up on posts yet.


Mavis, ran a replay check, sorry can't see food source.
Ellen, in my opinion, they would be rivals. A simple matter of survival and they won't reach breeding age for another four years.
So until then it is each against the world.
Thanks Mr. John for updates, maps and close up panning, the other day.

Is anyone else following the Gators vs Sooners world series? Last night was a thriller!


Katy, I graduated from the University of Florida so I'm a Gator alumni...but I'm not following them. By the way...you have way too much get-up-and-go !! At my age...a wild hair means I pluck it! I envy your energy and zest for life. Same for Carol...y'all rock! I rock, too...I have a rocker/recliner...I can rock and recline in the same chair without having to get up!

THanks for looking up the food drop. I only caught a glimpse before they were all over it. Right now, each are at their favorite spot...one on TP...one by donut...one on overhang.


Mavis, I'm sure I'll take to the rocker sooner than I would like. Until I do, I believe in making making memories that I can recall while rocking.



Forgot to mention, Women's Softball word series. I was a catcher in my younger years, then moved to third base. Oh the memories!
If interested, game 2 now, ESPN. Last nights game went 17 innings!
Not in the Gator's favor :(


I'm going to say goodnight now....hope y'all enjoy your eveniing.

Katy...make your memories good ones...and make lots of them. They are really nice to playback when in the rocker. Nite.

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