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***********LINK TO LAST PAGE**********

SKY CHECKED IN!!! Hallelujah!!


Thanks, Mavis. I was just getting ready to post the link. Glad I checked first.

Mr. John, thanks for update and Google Map for Sky.


Wendy, I was going to post the "New Thread" when I saw you already did! We work good together! I would have waited had I known you were going to post it.

I was scared to read Mr. John's post...he was writing about Star first and I was getting anxious. Did you hear me hollering up there near Chicago when I read Sky checked in?? I got so excited.

Mr. John, if that rascal ever comes home....I want you to sit him down and give him the 'whatfor'. Was so happy to read your post. Thank you.


Oh my gosh...they are right across the bay (or whatever you call it), from each other.


Well that's good news...they are both in really nice spots...
Thanks Wendy and Mavis you two do Good Work!!
It's 69 and raining at my place...perfect day for a nap...and that's just what I've been doing...


How considerate of Sky to check in. Thank you for the update. Are they really as close together as they look?


Ellen they are about 80 miles from each other..but that's not far if your flying..

Judith H

Oh no, the boy held prisoner in North Korea, Otto Warmbier has died.


That's Great, and fairly close to each other. No, Mr. John, that's not too much to ask.
Happy to get the update, Thanks.


Hard to accept Otto Warmbier has died. Harder to accept he was in a coma for 15 months before the parents even knew it. Sad story all around....and so unnecessary. How can one NoKo lunatic cause so much pain and misery for so many others?


One at old nest, just saw another fly over old nest.


I don't see a kid on the nest, but I do see one on the Alcoa limb at the old nest. My eyes are better...looks like Apollo or Gemini.


Mavis, about your eyes, I posted 'old nest'.


Just occurred to me Mavis, you didn't see my post. We posted too close together. Please disregard my previous post.


Katy...you are fast! I didn't see your post until I refreshed!


Gosh, Katy, I'm caught up in the news about Otto that I keep forgetting to refresh. We seem to be on the same wavelenght! I see the one on the A-branch has turned around and is facing us now.

Been storming outside...the sound is deafening but about to blow over.


Looks like the kid who was on the A-branch is back at the nest and on the TP. He's wet, too!

Carol C

WOW! I'm glad that storm was fast! Davenport got hail. I didn't notice it at the nest. I just got heavy rain!
Glad to see Sky checked in!


Not sure which eaglet this is but seemed to have an itchy bottom. It did this same activity four times before the storm hit.



Was that Apollo who flew in and claimed the fish that was just delivered?? Sure looked like it!

Judith H

Gemini eating the fish.


When the wind started to pick up the eaglets seemed to really get excited and enjoy themselves.




Judith H

Gemini is number 6


YES! Gemini! I saw the 6. Apollo must be on the TP.


Gemini ate the W H O L E thing! Didn't leave a bite for Apollo.

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