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Thanks for the updates. Glad the 3 are venturing out more, but sorry that we won't be seeing them much longer. Sky finally travelling internationally.



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This is so fascinating!! Apollo and Gemini followed almost the same exact path! Mercury has been a loner for a while...I hope he doesn't go too soon. I wonder if he has had a kill of his own yet. I'm not ready for any of them to leave yet...but looks like Mr. John is right. Just a matter of time and the time could be today for Mercury. Sure hope he sticks to the river and out of the cities!

Mr. John, you need to send Sky a ping or jolt and tell him to get his tail feathers back to the U.S.!!! This is not the time to cross borders! I don't know what gets into that child! I really would like to know where all the other eagles in that study are...what direction they took off in. Hope Sky stays safe and out of trouble...he doesn't even have a passport. I'm glad Star likes it where she is.

Thank you for the updates, Mr. John. This one is exciting....and I'm happy they are all doing fine. Sky sure keeps me anxious with his slow check-ins. I'm glad you let us know how he is doing.


Thanks, Mr. John.

It is very interesting that Gemini and Apollo are on the same path and I assume they are keeping company. Makes me wonder who is following who?


Mr. John, thank you for this amazing update. It is so exciting to hear we have an international traveler. It will be really interesting to see if he comes back. I just don't think I expected that they would roam so far. I agree that it is sad to think about Mercury leaving so soon, but how thrilling to see our babies grow up and spread their wings.


Does anyone know whether bald eagles are protected in Canada? The most recent information I could find was from 2014 saying they were protected via the Migratory Birds Treaty Act's regulations, but I didn't see anything more recent.


Ellen, I wondered that too. I certainly hope they are protected or we'll have RL, Darlene, Catherine, and a few others lead the charge with the rest of us Eagle Moms following right behind to teach them the error of their thinking! I traveled the Canadian side of Lake Erie and it is just gorgeous up there. I envy the adventurous youth of our Huckleberry Finn...I just hope Sky stays out of trouble while he is acorss the border. I think it is exciting that Mr. John can track him. Gracious, I bet we'd have a million viewers if he had a body cam on!!

Judith H

Here are some of the different laws, treaty acts etc. that protect the Bald and Golden Eagles.

Carol C

Thanks Mr John. They both flew close my house & salon. More rain coming.
7 brides for 7 brothers was a Great show today!! Very up lifting, lots of dancing & singing!


Sure is nice to see their travels...I hope Star settles in and stays in that area for awhile...I'm going up in that area shortly after Labor Day to spend some time...would love to search the sky for her...
Carol their is a bus load from my area coming down to Circa 21 to see 7 brides and 7 brothers sometime in August...the folks I know are quite excited about it...they wanted me to come along, but just have to many other things going on...
Looks like the stronger storms won't be as bad tonight...they are quick moving and more scattered now..
Have not seen anyone at the nest when I peeked in.. yes it won't be long before they are off on there journeys..
Have a good evening...I'm saying good night early..
Wendy have a good time..hope the rain holds off..


I must have checked in a hundred times today but haven't seen the kids. EIther they were a no show or I missed them.

Carol, the movie is available to stream on YouTube, Amazon, and a couple of other places for $2.99. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers never gets old and good to watch. It was in the 50s and Jane Powell was one of the stars. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.

I lost my power around midnight last night. No storm..no wind...don't know what happened. After about an hour, it came back on and I was sure getting worried. A night in FL without air conditioning is not good. This morning, my phone went dead. That didn't bother me...I didn't even report it. This afternoon we had a bellywasher storm, and everything is working...even my phone! Crazy....just crazy. Don't think I will post after dark tonight...


These new maps are thought provoking for me. I would've thought the boys would explore together and the female, Apollo would strike out alone and north.
Sky is now international and Star seems to have adopted the area near Green Bay. Looks like prime Diggs for an Eagle.
We won't see our 3 Eaglets as much now, so any sighting at this point, will be extra Special.


Mr. John, thank you for the updates. Do you happen to have any readings on Mercury's altitude or speed during that round trip?


JC, that looks like a great place to visit. You leaves will not be changing colors by then, will they? Mid to late Oct is when NC peaks with their color change.

Too bad you can't go see the play at Circa 21 with your friends. That promises to be a really fun day.

Joyce, if you are looking in...I've been thinking about you. Hope the wedding was wonderful...your anniversary special, and your arm is healing.


Mavis you just taught me a new word...must be southern ( bellywasher) in the north it is a ( gullywasher).... just love learning from all the posters!!


Now, I am really laughing, JC! We have a lot of Rednecks around here...they call it 'bellywasher"'. I think to a Redneck..it means what it says!! .


Looks like it is raining at the nest so I checked radar:


NOAA: Showers and thunderstorms, mainly before 2am. Low around 70. Southeast wind around 5 mph becoming northeast after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible. FLASH FLOOD WATCH until 7 am tomorrow.

Judith H

Are those two spider webs under the donut?


On the TTV on the top of the highest tree I see a kid blowing in the wind.....


I see one spider web. Good gosh, Judy....how do you spot all that stuff? I was doing good to spot the Celebration Belle going by a few mins ago!!


Oops he just got dive bombed by another..took off...

Judith H

The spider webs are turning into zip lines.


I'm leaving you with the zip lines...going to say goodnight everyone.


Well...guess what I found?? This was posted a year ago today...hard to believe, isn't it??



Well Mavis..that was a nice thing to wake up to this morning...just love those pictures of Star and Sky...
Thank you!! It is still dark out so can't see much at the nest...
Raising my cup of coffee to you all...
Wendy let us know how the show went..hope the rain passed you up...
Have a great day everyone...

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