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How exciting to follow their travels. I hope that rascal Sky checks in soon. Thank you for keeping us updated.


Mr. John...as soon as you see a ping from Sky...I know you'll let us know. I sure worry about our "Huck of the Mississippi". I know he is probably in a no signal area or battery is too low to transmit...but still...I worry.

Mercury is still close enough to the nest that if he can't provide for himself...he can make it back home. I'm glad he is easing his way out...not just going full throttle ahead! Hopefully, we will be able to spot Gemini and Apollo today. Glad they are going slow and easy, too. Thanks for the updates. I love studying the charts.


Looks like Mercury is close to Otter or Keg Island. He seems to be following the path Sky did...island hopping on the Mississippi!! Hope he enjoys his adventures...stays full and safe....goes to bed happy at night.


I just came on...nice to have new charts...Good morning everyone...sure wish we hear from Sky...wonder what he's found...glad to see Star moved into quieter air space...
Mavis that is exciting that you have an Eagle in your neck of the woods...Don't you just wonder where it's birthplace was...
Looks like Mercury just missed stopping into see Lori in Muscatine...maybe on his way back...
Hope we see the others flying around the trees today...


Wow looks like Mercury has found his independence and on his way. I was able to get a screen shot of Gemini enjoying the river.


Judith H

I've forgotten what the results were of the sexing, was it two females and 1 male or two males 1 female?


Two males, one female (Apollo)

Judith H

Just what I thought, Mercury is the one male, the two females are sticking together.


Morning Judy, hey girl what you smokin'?
Apollo is the only female.
Mercury and Gemini are both males.

Judith H

Thought they weren't too sure about one and were waiting for the bloodwork? HUH?
Virginia Slim 120's

Another interesting fact about Hummers from Journey North
I love my Ruby-throated hummingbirds and I always worry about them during migration. Are there places where they can rest & refuel on their way over the ocean?

A: No. Flying nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico is an important part of the natural selection process that has made these little birds so tough, and not all of them pass this harshest of tests. Before leaving land, hummingbirds double their weight by gorging to add fat as an energy reserve; in good weather they can go 600 miles without stopping, and the crossing is only 500 miles. The ones that don't add enough fat won't make it, and their genes aren't passed on; that's how nature works. It's just a bit more dramatic with hummingbirds, because they're so small and we love them so much.


Gosh, Judy...I had to go back and check. You are right...

" .... they were not completely sure about Gemini. They will review their notes and measurements and maybe have to wait for the blood sample to be analyzed before making a final determination" ....from Mr. John on the 5/23/17 tagging.

Mr. John, I didn't realize...but you never posted the blood analysis of the 3 kids. Will you post it now?? This point was never really cleared up. Judy makes a legitimate observation.

I do not know how those tiny little hummers fly that far nonstop! Birds have a hard life, I guess, like the rest of us. They seem so carefree and fun loving...I did not know they had to work that hard to survive. Thanks for sharing that....I want to fatten them up. Wonder if I should buy dried insects from somewhere for them.

Judith H

Mavis, If you put out a piece of cantaloupe it will draw fruit flies, Hummers like those.

John Riches

My understanding from the tagging was that if the blood-work showed anything different than the original determination of sex they would let me know. I never got a report saying anything different so I assume we go with the original determination of one female and two males.

Judith H

Oh well, I guess in 5 years (if I'm still around) maybe number 7306 will show up on a cam somewhere, we will see the numbers 7306 and know it's Gemini...he might even lay an egg!


Funny one, Chris! Gemini looks like he is cruising along.


OMG!! I can see the chatter now..."it's not a 6..it's an 8"..."no..it's a 9"...I've got my hands in hamburger...laughing...and my iPad now needs cleaning!! Of course, someone might come in and say they are eggs that rolled out of a duck!

We've had a boring weekend, Mr. John. You gotta liven it up a bit!! Don't assume anything..I've learned the hard way...we now count down to feathers as 2 molts before the eaglets leave the nest!! Just pick up the phone or email WVA and tell them they have never dealt with ppl like you have to deal with...send us the proof!! I'm joking,too, of course...or half joking. Just don't tell us one is a transgender if we end up with 2 females and one male! Lord, I needed that laugh.

Judith H

Has that heart always been at the upper right corner of the screen?


Hello to all. Judy, thanks for the info on the hummingbirds. Mavis, a transgender eaglet got me laughing. The weather here has been beautiful.


Lori...my weather is beautiful, too. It's hot, but it's not so muggy today. I just checked my email to make sure Mr. John didn't send me a "behave yourself" warning...but I'm good so far. Whew!

I just got dinner ready to slide in later. Remember the campfire dinners I talked about a few days ago? I fixed some campfire veggies...red potatoes/carrots/cabbage wedges...ready to slide in with a meatloaf. I hope it is good because it was super easy to put together!

Judy...the heart must be a computer thing...no heart on the iPad.

Excellent idea about the cantaloupe!! I'll try it!

Just checked TTV and saw the heart, Judy. I clicked on it and it is a LiveStream "like" button for FB. Not sure if I've seen it before or not.


I have not seen a kid or parent all day. NV still down...but they probably aren't there either.

Looks like the worst of the tropical storm has passed Bea now. She may get more thunderstorms tonight. She is under flash flood watch for a while. Hope she checks in and tells us what it was like. I'm about 200 miles north of her and no rain in sight for me.


One of the kids flies in from just top left of center from over the river at 03:35:00. Looked like a plane with a trail of smoke. Excellent flying skills. He/she landed in the new nest I assume.


Wendy...you win the prize!! How many of those imaginary eggs do you have now? I'm glad you saw one of the kids!!

Carol C

You guys are funny!! Chris that is really cute!! LOL
Hummers info is great! No wonder they eat so much before they leave.
So nice to see where the kids are or have been. I walked across the river this morning but didn't see any of them. But our new Hyatt Hotel is getting built. Wow! New hotel for East Moline is awesome. And a new bridge. We're getting up in the world.!!


Is that one of the kids...upper left...on top of tree limb? Looks like one but so far away...not sure.

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