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I figured they were close by....Apollo and Gemini are homebodies!! Would sure like to see them in the rural area along the river. Hopefully, Mercury is doing fine and getting plenty to eat.

I'm worried about Sky...can't help it. Glad to see Star is happy with her location. I would be, too. It is beautiful up there!

Thank you for the update, Mr. John. I figured you'd have a new thread this morning.

Judith H

This is the first time we've seen them all separated.


Thanks for the latest travel report. How great it is that the cams were up for a last look at Gemini and Apollo and now to see L and J spending their nights at the nest and examining the nest to see what work is ahead for them.


Mr. John...if I'm reading Google Earth correctly...both Gemini and Apollo are more or less, still together! Am I wrong?

RL, it was good that we got to see both kids at the nest last Friday.

Oh..Mr. John...when do the charts show that they left? Just want to know how long they've been in that area. Thanks!!


Looks like Rock River...Zuma Creek and a land fill (city word) are close by.

John Riches

The charts look at the last 24 hours. In the case of the charts I posted today, they show from about mid-day Saturday to mid-day Sunday.

Judith H

Mavis, From their positions I don't think they can hear or see each other.


Thanks, Mr. John. That means they spent 2 nights off Arconic property so they will probably move further on.


Judy...I think they may be within 2 miles of each other...and they can see a fish 2 miles away! Mercury is about 70 air miles south of them. So far, I like Mercury's position the best...river front property should be safer.


Thank you so much for the update. I agree with Mavis. I would love to get a little ping from Sky.


Hi Ellen! You know, Sky made it through the first year...the toughest one which claims lives of so many first year eaglets. The odds are on his side, now, to make it to maturity. Tracking them can be fun and allows us to keep up with them...but it also can be a heartache if something bad happens. So far, we've been lucky and Sky should be fine...can't help but worry, though.

Well...some eaglets never disperse far...stay close to fledging nest. I wonder if we finally have our own homebodies! You know if Gemini and Apollo get too hungry...it won't take them long to get home! I would love to have a couple of 'failure to launch' kids. Not sure how L and J will feel about that! Seriously, they could settle comfortablly along the river and still stay only a few miles from us! I guess time will tell. I just know I'd feel better if they stay out of the city!


Uhhh...Judy...I think you are right...they are too far apart to see each other. No even in the same quadrant or section or anything.


Mavis, thank you for the encouraging words about Sky. Logically, I realize that the odds are in his favor and the force is with him. It is just that Mamma Ellen likes to hear from the kids on a regular basis. :)

Judith H

Mavis, So much of the eagle information is misleading. Imagine being able to see a fish in the water from 2 miles away, do they mean from directly above at about 10,500 feet or at an angle? How could you see a fish 2 miles away at an angle...with water ripples and sun glare, I doubt that one. I think they could see a running rabbit on flat terrain from two miles away.

Judith H

TTV, Something white in the old nest.


You are on a roll, Judy! A RABBIT (not a fish) from 2 miles away...A HUGE difference! No mention if the eagle was tree top or flying when spotting the rabbit. From Grambo (1) Hutchinson(5) and Potts(6).

An eagle in flight can reputedly sight a rabbit two miles away.[1] Talon–eye coordination is a hunting imperative.[5] From its perch at the top of trees, the eagle can dive at speeds of 125–200 miles per hour (201–322 km/h) to catch its prey by its talons.[6] Eagles, in their young age, cannot locate fish below water as a result of refraction error of the eye, so they compensate by grabbing dead fish floating on the surface.

I've read a lot about the eyes over the past years...don't remember that much except young eagles cannot catch swimming fish...just floaters...and their color vision is astounding: " Colour vision with resolution and clarity are the most prominent features of eagles' eyes, hence sharp-sighted people are sometimes referred to as "eagle-eyed". Eagles can identify five distinctly-coloured squirrels and locate their prey even if hidden.[3]" From Dudley (3)

Many sources but this is from Wikipedia.

MAIN POINT: an eagle can see real good!!


Oophs...they said the eagle was in flight when spotting the rabbit. The fact that they can tell 5 different colors of a squirrel and find one, even if hidden, was fascinating.

Judith H

The white bird flew away, looked a little like an egret.


Did anyone see this white bird? Videos by Judy


This is it flying off:



I guess y'all could figure out the first video was of it flying off!! Thought I better clear that up before Judy gets her 3rd strike in for the day!!


I guess their is much to ponder about the many wonderful creatures we share this world with...and we will never know completely ....speculation will always be part of it...as I've read everyone's thoughts...I could not but wonder about siblings...I remember once when I was on a trip to Seattle with friends...we traveled through Colorado. I had told my brother I was going to Seattle...(he lives in Denver Colorado) but never shared the itinerary ...as we travel through Steamboat Springs lo and behold I looked out the window to spot my brother and nephew crossing the street in that town...so does that chance situation happen in the Eagle world..Can Gemini know when he runs into Apollo? ( hey that's my sis, I used her as a table when she was still in her shell) I'll never know...
I too wonder about sky...the ups and down side of technology and I still can't help wonder if the solar pac impedes in any way?
Star is indeed in a beautiful area...wish I was up in Hayward this week..the weather is perfect..she will have good places to find food...actually a lot of good food is available to humans too...I love that area..
So keep posting everyone you sure keep me wondering about Eagles..


Looked in just in time. Replay goes back just a bit over a minute right now and got to see the white bird in TTV and saw it fly off.

Judith H

RLML, Do you know what kind of bird?>


The white bird is hard to figure out. I saw a fan tail...I only saw white...did not see any other color. I know it is a far reach...but snowy owl (which is unlikely...night bird) or an ivory gull. Looked so much like a dove to me but was too big.

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